Occupation Certificates

After a building is completed, it cannot be used or occupied without the issue of an Occupation Certificate. CoCert will be able to issue this after the Final Inspection is Satisfactory, and after receipt of all required documentation supplementary to the building works has been provided.

This is the last stage of the certification process and the last approval issued for use and occupation of your building.

There are instances where some minor site works can be left incomplete, and a staged Occupation Certificate can be issued. This is called a Partial Occupation Certificate. Partial Occupation Certificates are not applicable to all buildings, however in some instances CoCert can issue a Partial Occupation Certificate so you can move in and use your building and complete the outstanding building works to finalise the project. The instances a Partial Occupation Certificate can be issued include but are not limited to the following:

  1. All Development Consent Conditions imposed by Council have been complied with;
  2. The building is safe to occupy and complies with the Building Code of Australia
  3. Outstanding works are of minor nature and are ancillary to the main building (subject to those works not being required to be completed as per the Development Consent Conditions imposed)

The determination of a Partial Occupation Certificate will be made at the Final inspection and it is recommended to not assume you qualify for one without discussing this with CoCert at the closing stages of the project. In addition to this, you have 5 years to complete the outstanding works, and where they are left unfinished after the 5 years, the Whole Occupation Certificate can never be issued as the timeframe has lapsed.

Please note Application for your Occupation Certificate will need to be made online via the NSW Planning Portal. Please visit planningportal.nsw.gov.au to make the Occupation Certificate Application with the account already registered at the beginning of your project.

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