Building Consultancy

Holding the highest level of Registration in NSW, CoCert has experience and qualified building consultants to provide Building Code of Australia and Planning Regulation advice for all types of developments, existing or proposed.

These services include National Construction Code Building Code of Australia (NCC BCA) Reports on proposed development and upgrade to existing buildings, Compliance Certificates, and can assist with liaising with Council and your Building Practitioners where required.

New Buildings – CoCert can undertake NCC BCA Report on your proposed buildings to identify any non-compliances affecting the health & safety of your proposed building. We can assist with this prior to your Development Consent lodgement, or after the issue of your Development Consent to confirm compliance with the NCC BCA.

Existing Buildings – If you are required to upgrade your existing building, CoCert can provide the necessary inspection on the building and undertake the NCC BCA report clarifying any non-compliances on the building. This may come about when your local council may issue an order to upgrade, or if conditioned as a requirement of a development consent issued for any new work.

Compliance Certificates – In the instance, you require a certain element of the building to be certified as compliant, CoCert can assist in the issuing of a Compliance Certificate. This would be in relation to Access & Egress of the building, Fire Safety, or your Swimming Pool.

Liaising with Council and/or Building Practitioners – We can assist with communication with Council or your Building Practitioners in relation to any of the above if they require any clarification on the outcome/s of the Reports or Compliance Certificates issued.

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CoCert can act as the Registered Certifier and Certifying Authority, with our staff possessing the highest level of Registration (formerly Accreditation) in NSW.

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